Hard Case
Ivy Addams Jack Hammer hardtied 2016-04-20 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Ivy Addams has something Jack Hammer wants. It isn't just her sexy body, either. She knows the combination to the briefcase he's carrying, and it holds something very valuable. So much so that she thinks she is ready to endure torture to protect its contents. She is trained to persist and keep her mouth shut, but eventually everyone breaks.

Seated in tight rope bondage, she is drooling around the gag in her mouth. Jack knows she isn't going to give up easily, so making sure she can talk before he's had a chance to work isn't exactly a priority. In fact, he's going to really enjoy getting this code out of her, and he wouldn't want her to surrender right away, even if she were willing.

She is resisting like she doesn't really value her body. She's trying to hold out against the caning, the humiliation and the feeling of having his hands all over her. Stripped naked in the middle of the room, she's just glad that there isn't anyone else there to witness the rough way he is handling her. Her body betrays her before she betrays her secret. Her pussy is dripping wet and while she swears that she is fighting with all of her might, she seems eager to have Jack play with her cunt.
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