Compromises Part 2
Compromises is an Intersec Studios scripted feature presentation about the pleasure that comes from pushing the limits of what is taboo.

It's every model's nightmare. Cherie DeVille has been working with PD on what she thought was going to be a simple shoot. But he is a demanding director and everything she does is wrong. He seems normal enough, at first, but once he has her locked into the bondage things start to get out of control fast. She wakes up chained to the wall, straight-jacketed and terrified, wondering what the hell he has planned. It doesn't take long for him to show her.

He keeps telling her that it will make the shoot better but he discarded the camera a long time ago. Every time Cherie screams or cries he tells her to stop complaining and hits her harder. She doesn't know what to do. If she resists it will be so much worse, if she submits she is afraid she may start to enjoy it.
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