EFRO in bondage censored
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2016-10-19 9.99 credits Buy Movie
EFRO in bondage is a censored Dolcett shoot - Slave Abigail is bound and displayed in butcher's twine. She readies her body for a sensual feast for the eyes and tongue. Watch as the slave prepares itself and cleanses all impurities from its body for a carnal consumption. She seasons her body for her devourer that stands before her. She will stuff herself for roasting, filling her cavities with an array of fruits and vegetables and marinating in a salty nectar. This slave is anally made ready for the spit, even she can't help but taste her own seasoning. All sex slaves are not created equal, they must be trained in the way of the Master... This is a video that is too Taboo to put the whole video up on SensualPain.com. Master James films slave abigail while at the whim of another. She is to act out an Efro in Bondage script with a Dolcett theme including anal fisting, anal insertions of a variety of whole fruits and vegetables, piss drinking, enema, and other taboo unmentionables.
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