Can't Stop
Rain DeGrey hardtied 2013-06-05 49.99 credits Buy Movie
Rain DeGrey told me everyone has their specific style of rope. She said mine was, and I quote, "cheerfully evil". As if flattery was going to make me go easy on her.

The first tie is the easiest. A ladder behind her back provides the frame work, a wooden paddle across her tied off tits provides the pain. She bites down on her gag to keep from screaming, but that just encourages me to hit her harder.

The next one is all about her position. I spread her legs out so I can vibrate her clit, but pulled her arms up into a brutal stappado. When my hitachi makes her weak in the knees her shoulders will pay the price.

And finally, an old favorite. I bend her over, cane her and flogger he ass, until her entire backside is burning red, then vibrate her until she starts to lose her senses. When I am done she is so cum drunk she can barely keep her eyes open.
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