Lady Liberty Part 1
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Lorelei Lee is back for a live feed after a long break and ready to dive head first into some mental and physical torment. Lorelei's feed is going to focus primarily on the mental and emotional torment of abject humiliation. She helped come up with the idea for the shoot right around the election, but that doesn't mean she is prepared for what is going to happen. She has requested that our handlers say some horrible things to her that women hear and try to ignore every day walking down the street, and some things so bad that it's shocking they could be thought up by anyone but our president elect himself.

To start the show, Lorelei sits in a chair, doing her makeup, making herself look pretty for us and all of our loyal viewers. Even though nothing has happened yet, you can see her lip quivering with fear and anticipation. She knows what is coming for her and she knows it isn't good. She has been outfitted in a special made dress with the first amendment printed on it, and both she and our nation's founding documents are going to be destroyed today, a proper salute to the current excitement in the country. Ready or not, Lorelei is going to be stripped of her rights.

By the end of the first session Lorelei already has tears streaming down her perfectly blushed cheeks, and we haven't even gotten to the really bad part yet. She sits, bent over a metal pole, as O.T. and Matt Williams pet her back for comfort, and awaits the next awful thing coming her way.
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