Transitional 465
From Slave Abigail's perspective 
I am my Master's test subject in his twisted laboratory.
For quite some time now I have had the fantasy of having a cock. There is something so empowering in the fantasy of being able to fuck someone. Master takes this fantasy in this shoot, and brings life to my desire.

Let us being with the inspection of me and my fantasy. 

Tied up and shackled, I am whipped and prodded by the Doctor, my fantasy becoming his own. Once finished with the preliminary  testing and looked over, I feel my fantasy of empowerment being stripped down more and more to his own. The doctor brings me down to his chair for more wicked tests. He inspects my usable pleasure holes, putting his sounding kit well to use. The pleasure and pain melding together, I imagine how my cock would be growing as I am inspected by this twisted doctor. 
  I am found worthy for further inspection. He takes his slave in his medical chair, using this body as he sees fit. Master fills my ready holes, as I stroke my long cock; It is so pleasurable for me, that my cock explodes all over my stomach and chest.  He grants my wish and twists to his pleasure. I am his lil sissy to use and abuse. 

I am here for his pleasure. 
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