[Archive] The Squirting Sinner
Savannah Fox Rain DeGrey topgrl 2016-02-09 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Savannah Fox is a sinner. She is haunted by lustful thoughts, dirty impure urges and the devil is deep inside her loins. She can not help her wicked ways, for she is weak of flesh and full of desires. Luckily for her, Mother Superior Rain DeGrey is here to set her straight upon the path of righteousness. She is here to save our sinner.

Today will not be easy, but Rain is determined to purge Savannah and will stop at nothing. She has her ruler, the word of God and an almighty cock of destruction. She will win out in the end. Savannah is bound up on a cross to contemplate her sins while Rain works her over. In no time at all, Savannah’s squirt is running down her legs and dripping off her shoes. This is a hard case indeed.

Rain binds her to a prayer bench and spanks her with a bible before facefucking communion wafers into Savannah's mouth hole with a huge cock. Savannah chokes and sputters upon the flesh of God. The sin is deep inside this one. Time for harsher measures. In an all out epic dicking down, Rain unleashes the might of our Lord and Savior, reducing Savannah into a twitching puddle of squirt covered sinner. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as she speaks in tongues.

Truly the Lord was with us this fine day. Mother Superior finishes up by sticking our soaking sinner in a cage to contemplate the error of her ways and to pray for redemption. We will save this sinner yet...
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