Bondage Haize Part 1
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Emma Haize came back for a little action of her own. Seeing what we put Emma through before left her longing to do a live feed where she could be the center of attention. It's a magical thing for her, knowing that there are so many men watching her, waiting to issue their commands over the Internet. Something about the risk involved makes her... excited.

Of course, really turning her on takes a bit more than some anticipation. It takes rough bondage, heavy corporal punishment and some serious predicaments. Put her into full lock down and Emma is almost ready to explode with orgasm, hardly any real effort required. Push her a bit and she'll cum readily, whenever you want. So you know that when the Crew gets their hands on her she is going into full BDSM-overload mode, pretty much instantly. Metal, rope, leather, clamps, everything that can be used to hold a girl down is coming out of the wood work, held in some of the most talented hands in the business. If this isn't enough to make her reconsider her eagerness, nothing is.

Spoiler alert: Emma doesn't just endure, she's ready for more. And it's a good thing, because these live feeds aren't over in a matter of seconds, they are all about seeing how long a girl can last and how much of hell she can go through. We're just getting started.
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