Noise Complaint
Demi Sutra has to be one of the sexiest cops to ever carry a badge. Unfortunately for her sexy doesn't get her out of sticky situations. When she gets a noise complaint she's compelled to check it out. OT's house looks normal and he says he makes horror movies, but Demi has to be thorough. What she finds inside is much worse than a scary movie set.

London's naked body hanging from a ring above her head. Demi acts fast, but OT already has her sidearm. He makes her get undressed and locks her into a device before her training can kick in. Now that she's his new fixture OT is going to savor his time with her sexy body.

Demi doesn't want to do what he tells her to do. He tries to convince her that if she just complies it'll be easier. She's defiant, but she soon realizes that if she lets him have his way with her that she'll get orgasms instead of torment.
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