Slippery When Mia Part 1
Mia Torro realtimebondage 2017-12-09 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Mia and Maddy are quite the pair. Maddy starts by staring up into Mia's pussy. What a view as Mia answers questions and has her face tickled with a piece of twine. OT prepares for Maddy to be squirt boarded. He puts a chain behind her back to push her pussy forward.

Mia Torro has a special talent. We've seen in several times on Hardtied and Infernal Restraints. Now the members are going to get a first hand close up look at it. Their comments about her dripping wet cunt have it's intended effect. The squirt comes on command. Maddy opens her mouth to receive her gift.

Once Maddy's shower is over OT pulls Mia out of the way. Maddy is restrained where Mia once was and Mia gets tied up. OT keeps both girls in bondage 100% of the time.
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