Panty Sniffing Perverts
It's all about learning to share your toys. Bella Rossi is the toy and she is going to get passed around quite a bit today, by a trio of panty-sniffing perverts. PD, OT and Elise Graves are all here and they all want a piece of this classic beauty. She has an ass that is perfect for smacking, caning, whipping, and more. Her tits are big enough to make tempting targets for more of the same.

Age before beauty, so PD gets the first crack at her. He is the one that strips her out of that pretty little dress she's wearing and gives us the first good look at her body. He also becomes the first to lay his hands on her. Her tits are soft and sensitive, she cries out when he pinches down on her nipples. She pleads with her eyes as he drags her around by them.

OT's the first one to lay the whip across her ass and start raising some welts on her backside. She jiggles and wriggles to try to keep him from hitting the same place too many times but his aim is too good and the large wooden frame doesn't give Bella much room for escape.

Elise gets to handle her for the finale, though. Bella should be happy to not have to stand but the fact that she is hooded and on all fours just doesn't make her feel that much better. It shouldn't either. Of the three of them it is clear that Elise plans on becoming the most intimate with Bella. She strips away the panties and exposes Bella's holes. That's where the fun is going to happen for her, inside of Bella, body and mind.
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