Double Bind 2
Juliette Black realtimebondage 2012-04-21 49.99 credits Buy Movie
Any time you make two girls suffer alongside each other there comes a point where they try to help minimize their pain together. We have come up with a way to keep Juliette Black and Katharine Cane on opposing sides. One gets to suck a cock while the other takes a caning. We will see how much they want to help each other when helping means taking the beating.

They will have a little time for love, but it will be on our terms. We want them acting out their lust for our pleasure, not using it to satisfy each other. There is a special supply of strap-ons just for that purpose. They fit neatly over their faces so these two little sluts can really get their noses in there. And as long as they fuck with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm they may be able to avoid any more punishment.
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