Group Rate: Full Weekend Therapy
Back in the hotel room for some exposure therapy. Daisy is trying her best to share her experience with ladies who have been through the same horrors. Catherine is trying her best to remember an awful experience she has blacked out. Brooke is trying desperately to recover from her traumatic drowning experience that has left her feeling violated. This venerability has left them open for attack and has put them right where I wanted them. With a little help from my faithful subservient muscle we will give these girls the perspective they were lacking. Daisy is ripped out of her clothes, verbally humiliated and imposed orgasmed until she is left weak and flightless. Catherine is roughed up, verbally humiliated and fingered until she releases all of her energy with a burst of orgasmic juices. Brooke is anally penetrated, verbally humiliated, tortured and imposed to orgasm. This therapy session isn't meant to solve all their problems but it will teach them a good lesson.
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