Whipped Blondie
Nadia White London River hardtied 2016-11-09 16.99 credits Buy Movie
London River has quite a way with the ladies, especially when she has those ladies wrapped in rope, tied into whatever fun position she thinks would look nice that day. Nadia White is about to learn exactly what kind of way that is when she finds herself face to face with London on her home terf. She starts off tied up to a chair in a sexy little purple dress, but any long time viewer of any of our websites knows there is no way that dress is going to last long with London in charge.

Soon Nadia is hogtied on the floor with her head propped up and her knees spread so that London can get at her pussy with her personal favorite vibrator, the hitachi. The power and pleasure of the hitachi is almost too much for a woman to stand when placed on her clit, but Nadia has bigger things to worry about than that. Once she has finished with the vibrator, London wants to try out some scare tactics, and pulls out her trusty taser. The shocks get a few good shrieks out of her, but London decides it isn't enough and that she wants a little more aggressive kind of electrical play, so out comes the cattle prod. That really gets Nadia moving.

After she finishes looking down on Nadia for a while, London moves her so that she is tied by her wrists to the ceiling, her body stretched out, and her feet almost unable to touch the ground so she has to stand on tip toes. With that kind of display, what can London do but whip that body up and down until it changes colors and her model makes the kind of noises she wants to hear. She whips all the way from Nadia's feet to her pussy to her ass, all the way up to her tits. And if Nadia is good about it, maybe she will get a visit from the Celebrator as a reward for behavior.
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