Crack of the Whip
Kel Bowie Jack Hammer hardtied 2016-01-13 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Kel Bowie is a brand new face to the BDSM scene and she has decided to introduce herself to the world by coming to the oldest, and best, in the business. There isn't anything sweeter than fresh meat.

Kel isn't just intense of a newbie, she's hard core for a veteran. Some girls won't even try out a good whipping, but she is all about it. She wants to wear the marks of this day as a reminder of the good times she had with us, and between the whip and the rope she will have more than enough mementos. The bondage marks are deep lines in her otherwise unblemished skin. It was so tight that the braiding of the rope is clearly visible. The discipline leaves thin, shallow cuts behind, raised up on bright red welts. They sting almost as bad to touch or sit on as they did to receive in the first place.

And nothing happens in a vacuum. It isn't like she's allowed to sit and center herself while the whipping goes on. Jack Hammer has her trying furiously to deep throat a dildo and show off her cock sucking skills, among other distractions and trials. She wanted him to treat her like a trained, veteran pain slut, and so she will have to perform like one. Maybe if she's lucky, when he's done making her cry he will make her cum.
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