Sweet Agony Part 1
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We have had Dee Williams around for a while now so she knows our handlers pretty well. Still, we would like our audience to get to know her a little better, so, as we do with all our models on their live feeds, we take the time in the beginning to ask her a few questions about herself. Dee, her neck held down to the ground by a metal collar, answers questions from our handlers and our audience about her desires, her fantasies, her fears, and whatever else they want to hear about her. As she does we point a heat lamp at her pussy to keep it nice and warm while everybody gets ready.

Our handlers start out light on Dee, since, with hours ahead of them with her company, they have all the time in the world to ramp things up. First they wrap her tits up in rope, making a lovely harness that makes her breasts look even more round and perky than they are on their own, and Dee's got some pretty nice breasts. Then they tie her arms with her elbows over her head and her hands behind her back. With her arms out of the way, Matt Williams takes the moment to smack her ass around with a flogger, leaving it red, but not yet bruised.

After that, Matt lays Dee down on top of a large wooden box on her stomach. He folds her legs back and ties her ankles, connecting that rope to the one around her arms. He yanks it tighter and tighter, pulling Dee into a more and more uncomfortable hogtied position. Now she is ready for the rest of what they have planned.
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