Dacryphilia Dreams
Marina realtimebondage 2012-12-01 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Marina says that she prefers pain to humiliation but even asking was an empty courtesy from us. She is going to get plenty of both today. In her immediate future is some languishing and a few loaded questions, but when the members decide it is time to go to work on her our entire crew sets about the task enthusiastically.

Clips on her ears, a ring on her nose, and a clamp on her tongue. And that is just the beginning. Once her clothes are cut away we have unfettered access to the most sensitive parts of her body. Her nipples will face clamps that bite down hard enough to make them numb. She will be hooded, caned, vibrated and humiliated for our entertainment.
beginning     body     clamp     clips     ear     empty courtesy     entertainment     entire crew set     humiliation     immediate future     languishing     loaded questions     member     pain     plenty     ring     sensitive part     task     unfettered access     
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