Pain Is Love Part 2
Bella Rossi realtimebondage 2014-04-05 18.99 credits Buy Movie
What's it like being impaled on a stake, Bella? What's it like to have a metal dildo jammed so far up your cunt that you can't come down off the tips of your toes? Does it feel good being immobilized by something that makes you feel so good? It's as nice a treatment as she is going to receive today. A vibrator gets her off and we're even kind enough to move the cock out of her before her legs give out.

But like I said, it is as nice as we're going to be. She may cum again, but it's never going to be as easy as it is when she only has to deal with a little bit of whipping. The next one is going to involve some nipple clamps applied to her tied off and sensitive tits. She only has to sit up for this one but any kind of leaning is going to cause her all kinds of problems. When she leans back the clamps, tied to her toes, pull tight on her tits. When she leans forward the rope around her neck, strung to the ceiling, begins to cut off her airway.

And things get meaner still. Those little clips on her nipples are nothing compared to the set we apply to the lips of her pussy. They keep her spread wide open so that the Hitachi can rest directly against her clit. Another screaming orgasm later, Bella is barely conscious of where she is. It takes a lot out of her to keep cumming so hard and we like seeing it so much that there is no reason for us to let her stop.
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