Katharine Cane    
2012-10-10, 41 minutes, 459 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
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Katharine Cane is enjoying some time outside. Well, enjoying may be a bit of a stretch. PD has her tied up to some stocks in the cold, overcast day, with her body contorted in the most uncomfortable of ways.

Face down on a board is where Katharine will spend the next part of her day. The splinters are the least of her worries. The way she is bound is the most interesting part. At first there is just a dildo in her pussy. It is deep in there and moving makes it shift around painfully. PD is intent on making that happen. If making her cum won't make her wriggle then his cane surely will. Later, the gag in her mouth and the hook in her ass are both connected to her wrists behind her back. That way squirming will fuck her ass, too.

And just in case Katharine thought she could wear him out and he would leave her alone, PD has a surprise for her. His fucking machine has stamina like no lover she has ever had. He just ties her up and sets it to maximum power before turning out the lights and walking away.
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