The Little Things
It has been about 9 weeks since slave abigail has received any sort of pain from her Master. And not to either of their liking. But this day marked the end of her 6 week long healing process that was brought on by the rebellion of her uterus. This span of time has left her feeling like a virgin to pain... at least this particular brand of pain. Master James tells her to meet Him in the dungeon for a good old fashioned beating and slave abigail is giddy with anticipation. But very quickly she realizes that what she had in mind was far from what began to unfold at her feet and the tears began to roll faster than the profanities were leaving her gagged mouth. Plopped on the floor like a rag doll her feet are cuffed and chained to a block of wood. Arms out stretched to either side of her and chained and strapped by her waist and around her forehead to an upright post, Master James begins to apply his pesky crop and cane to her vulnerable feet. She endures great pain and suffering.
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Cherry Torn belted down, planked and stuffed full of cock, brutal deep throat and massive orgasms!