Dear God,

I fear I may have sinned. It all started when I was talking with my friend and fellow church goer Maddy O'Reilly. She's so pretty and I just couldn't help telling her about something I found on the internet while fighting the good fight. I found out that she and I are both interested in the same thing. That's where it all went wrong. She knew a guy. The creepy guy from church who wears all black. He goes by the name OT.

He had us undress each other. Maddy looked really cute. I was so nervous. I hadn't been naked in front of a man before. Not even a doctor. He made us face each other and then he bound us together with handcuffs. My heart was pounding as he touched us. I felt you in that moment, God. I felt you holding me through Maddy. As I tasted her lips on mine I felt you.

When OT started whipping us I felt your warm embrace. As my ass turned red you overwhelmed we with peace and pleasure. I've never felt so loved. When it was all over and we were free of the bondage Maddy offered to give me the same amount of pleasure she had felt. As I squirted all over her I felt you flow through me onto her pretty face.

Please tell me Lord, did I sin? Or is this truly my calling?

Samantha Rone
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