The Rack
Master James     Jessica Kay    
2017-07-12, 33 minutes, 1,678 megabytes, 1920x1080 Ultra4K
Credits to buy this movie: 16.99 credits
slave jess was put on the rack to further her training in being controlled under a Master's heavy hand.

I honestly didn't think slave Jess could endure anymore torment after being humiliated and exhausted in the blazing hot sun and bound to the scorched tree... But she is stronger than she leads us to believe with all of her whimpering, whining and tears. Master James has the energy and endurance of an army of men so onward he leads slave Jess... TO THE RACK!!! Bound in "X" formation to a 45 degree angle, atop a steel framed rack, slave Jess already looks unamused as Master James begins to poke at her with twigs. Into the ear he ventures and Jess mutters an "ewww". She is disgusted with the sensation and nearly gags when he clues in to her opposition and grins wickedly while revisiting her ear with the tiny twig. He continues on this path as slave jess is motivated so very differently than he is used to... Tickling her rib cage, she begs Him to stop... but stop, he does not. Much to His amusement a spider decides to dangle dangerously close to slave Jess' left foot and the reaction is worth the cost of this video alone. But there is even more to come in this captured work of sadistic art. A proper hose down and fucking with the fuck machine along with other pleasures will satiate you on your quest for the strange. Bravo....*slow clap*... bravo.
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