Worthless Cunt Part 2 BONUS
Marina infernalrestraints 2015-06-08 24.99 credits Buy Movie
Marina finds herself chained to the floor of PDs play room, blinded by a hood and barely able to wriggle, let alone escape. Fight as she will, the cattle prod is impossible to avoid. Her bonds make it difficult to dodge the cane strokes on her ass and feet. The chastity belt she wears perfectly frames her asshole, ready to take a fuck from the cock-on-a-rod. In fact, her mouth hole is pretty accepting, too, wide open and ready for more.

Her ass does not like to spend a lot of time empty, it starts to feel lonely. PD remedies the situation, having her spend some time sitting on a smooth, steel dildo. The sensation of a full ass makes her hot and the addition of some nipple clamps gets her pussy really wet. Never the one to miss an opportunity PD sets upon her clit with a vibrator. Her pussy is exhausted from the cum, her ass is sore from clinching against the unrelenting cock and her nipples are tender from the clips biting into them.

Marina is gagged and blind folded. She is standing up, vulnerable to anything PD puts his hands on. She is especially ready and willing to take his cock after yet another vicious beating.
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