The Extended Feed of Miss Dupree Part 5
Abigail Dupree realtimebondage 2021-03-27 24.99 credits Buy Movie
You would think that after all of this time we wouldn't have anything left to do to Abigail Dupree, but we pride ourselves on the depth of our creativity and our dungeon. We have so many devices that she has yet to experience and even the most mundane things can be twisted to new ends. For example, even a plain chair is an interesting device when we bend Abigail in half on it and start wailing on her ass with a brutal caning.

But the spike chair is another matter entirely. This thing is awful from the outset. We sit her down into it and the wooden spines are instantly digging into her back. We lock her down so that they get to bite her arms, too. And if we wanted to we could even add a bit of serrated cushioning for her ass. The entire device is built for the purpose of delivering as much pain per square inch as possible, even while the subject is completely immobile and left alone. The entire thing is a bit more insidious than it first appears, actually. The chair isn't completely covered in spikes. That would be a waste. Instead they are only on the places where Abigail would push down against them to alleviate pain in another area. She can't breathe without making them dig in deeper. The entire experience is agony.
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