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Sasha is so excited she can't hardly speak, or perhaps that has something to do with the cloth gag taped into her gaping mouth. In fact, with her wrists tied down to her waist and her knees and ankles roped tightly together, the best she can possibly to to communicate is wriggle a little bit. Not to worry though, O.T. doesn't need her to tell him what to do, he's got plans of his own and he's sure that Sasha is going to love them, or at least feel strongly in some direction.

He takes her hair and wraps it up in string, pulling it tight behind her into a loop. He then strings a rope through that loop and and wraps the other end of that rope around her black high heeled shoes so that her head is pulled back into a kind of hog tie. Then he pulls her elbows together behind her back. She seems to still be able to make some noises, though, so O.T. tries a few ways to stop her. He pinches her nose for a little while, then gets bored and tries choking her. In the end he decides he'd rather play with other parts of her than keep up with that.

O.T. stands Sasha up and ties her wrists to the ceiling. He then takes out his handy dandy knife and slices the shirt away from her perky tits so that they are exposed and she is left even more vulnerable to him, not that she thought that was possible. He whips her breasts until there are red lines up and down her chest, and then he gets ready for her next torment.
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