Tights Ass Surprise
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2020-01-15 6.99 credits Buy Movie
Erotic Play in Stockings With Hidden Ass Surprise. Abigail Dupree is so sexually distracted while getting ready for a night out with Master and with something hidden in her butt. What could it be? She slowly puts on her nude stockings and realizes that she forgot remove the ass egg. Oh no! oh well she's just gonna have to hold it in. she feels so sexy in her tight nude stockings that she must lick her sexy little feet. mm.. smells and tastes sooo good.

She puts on her little skirt and the sexy lace bra then realizes that she can't hold her piss any longer, so she pisses right there. She rips a hole in her pee soaked tights to reveal what she has hidden in her ass... oh my, is that a big steel ass egg?

Her asshole is feeling so good that she ends up, ass up, buggering her butt a bit more with a steel ass hook. Stretching that butt hole she moans and farts as her hungry deep hole swallows everything she puts in it. Now both holes beg for more stimulation, her and Master may have a night in instead of a night out.

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