Dolcett Caught Cheating
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-09-04 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Another Dolcett Dramatica verbal gynophagia fantasy, a solo enactment by Abigail Dupree where she is of school age, was caught cheating at school and so she offers all of herself to daddy for punishment.

Daughter is on telecom with daddy, as he is away on business. She is told to bring oil and a knife. She offers her body parts including her pussy lips, nipples and breasts oiled up for the frying pan. She talks with him as she oils her breast and pussy, tenderizes her insides for roasting by fucking the skewer on the fuck post with her pussy. She moans and cums for her daddy. She hopes her offering of flesh, lust and self torture pleases her daddy, forgiving her of her infractions at school.

Gynophagia is pure fantasy, a fetish unique to the Dolcett fetish revolving around rape, torture, murder, cannibalism and incest. The main theme here is the fetish of self torture, cutting sexual body pieces off for the frying pan ultimately being spit roasted alive and enjoying every moment of every step.

Gynophagia is the fetish of a person becoming food for someone else. It can only be a fantasy and should Not be practiced in RL (Real Life) it's just as taboo as BDSM or other kinks.

Another example of gynophagia would be the fable Little Red Riding Hood where the wolf devours her. Also separately classified as the fetish Voreaphillia

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