Fear of Falling... Star
Star infernalrestraints 2010-01-15 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Star has a very hard time cumming. It is not that it takes all that long, but she has an extremely sensitive clit and the vibrators Sister Dee has are just SO intense. The first vibrator makes Star start moaning but Sister Dee tells her to keep it to herself. Her first orgasm follows shortly. The second vibe comes with its own special twist, a current running through her pussy. This time the moans are mixed with pained screams, but she still manages an intense orgasm. Her final orgasm is the true challenge though. She struggles to cum while she struggles to breathe. Some gasps get air, others just mouthfuls of water. Sister Dee is not concerned with how long it takes or how hard she works, though. All that matters is that Star suffers and that she does as she is told.
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