Cunt Puppy
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Welcome Ashley Lane to the most intense action in the BDSM world. A live feed is known far and wide as being the most intense way a girl can test her limits in the realm of bondage and discipline. Ashley is a pretty intense masochist that love being beaten and abused. We've got an entire crew of sadists looking to work her over and an audience full of folks looking to see the sick ideas we come up with and contribute their own.

Ashley has a shoe in her cunt. That's how far we've taken t his live feed and it's barely even started. Her hands are secured in the hand-can, metal bondage devices screwed into the floor, and her legs are pulled up so that she is in an inverted suspension. And there is a bright red, high-heeled shoe sticking out of her pussy. We'll move it out of the way when we want to flog her between her legs, but for now it provides and interesting accent, a pretty little focal point for the upside-down bondage display.

She wants to soothe that sore pussy of hers. Having her slit exposed and worked over has her horny. She would finger herself to orgasm, but even after we unlock the hand cans from the floor we're not about to let her fingers free. She can try to rub one out through the cold iron of her bondage. If she can't manage then she will just have to wait for her next opportunity.
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