The Dig
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2017-07-02 29.99 credits Buy Movie
It was inevitable that Master James would start to run out of space for all of the diabolical creations that are fabricated from His imagination. So He did what any sensible Master would do and put His slave abigail to work on digging a hole for an underground vault just big enough for her to be tucked and rolled into...for safe keeping of course. slave abigail, heavily clad in chains, leather bondage and an anal plug, had been digging for the better part of the day in between her other slave duties. When she needed a break and was on the brink of exhaustion, she was locked inside one of the cantilever cages and hoisted to it's highest peak, making her vulnerable to unsuspecting eyes from every direction. In other words, she wasn't so eager to rest for too long. Down she comes to finish digging the hole that is nearly big enough to host the aluminum tub. Master James is caught in a very rare posture as he props his feet up to enjoy the view and a glass of iced tea as the sun sets and the hole specifications are met.
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