How To Train Your Long Pig
London River infernalrestraints 2018-04-27 39.99 credits Buy Movie
The ad was nothing more than a lure. I guess I should have suspected something wasn't right when he requested pictures of me with my dog.

"I don't train dogs, I train long pigs!"

"What is a long pig? I'll have to look that up." I thought.

My first lesson was not to respond to weird ads online.

Once he had me in his clutches I should have suspected he wouldn't let me escape. The dog crate he put me in was too easy to open. He wanted me to run. He wanted to hunt me. It was his second lesson. There is no escape.

With each session he trained me. He broke my spirit and bent me to his will. I became his pet. He used me as he saw fit. He derived pleasure from my suffering yet he kept me as his prized long pig.
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