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Nipple rings are a dead give away that a girl is into some hot stuff. No one gets them by accident, least of all girls like Mercy West. For her they are like a beacon, begging us to pay special attention to her tits. We don't take special requests from our girls. They're here to entertain us, not the other way around.

Don't worry, we'll get around to playing with her tits, but we have a few fun things in store for her first. O.T. tapes some bottle caps to her feet, for instance. If that sounds odd, wait til you see how she tries to walk.

When we move the torture from her feet to her ass she turns into a sobbing mess. Something about the sharp sting of the whip really gets her going. You'd think that she was about to blow out from the pain but when OT puts her into the cage and spreads her legs he finds a little surprise. Mercy is dripping wet from the pain.
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