Giggles McGee
Vivi Marie hardtied 2014-03-05 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Welcome Vivi Marie. We strive to bring this kind of fresh face to our pages all the time, and Vivi is the perfect example. She doesn't have a ton of experience with bondage, especially not my special style of rope, but she is curious and looking for a good time.

It starts off as a simple floor tie get more elaborate by the minute. Vivi gets bent over the first table I see. She will be basically bound to the thing soon, so there is no point in making sure that she is comfortable. I want her ass in the air, presented as a target for my matched pair of floggers. I plan on turning those cheeks bright pink. The way I have her set up gives me a bit of peak at her pretty little pussy, too. You know I'm going to make sure to get a few shots in there, too.

For a girl without a ton of experience she knows what she likes. Vivi doesn't just endure the pain, she gets off on it. She is a proper little submissive, too. She knows to ask for permission before cumming and to never let herself go early. For being a good girl she gets a nice barehanded spanking.

That isn't even close to Vivi's limit. In fact, everything I just described is just the warm up. She doesn't just want to feel a couple coils of rope, some soft smacks, and a little time with the celebrator. I'm going to strap her down tight, tease her to the edge of madness, then push her over the edge with the most powerful hand held vibrator she has ever seen.
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