Cruel Barber
Lauren Phillips hardtied 2016-12-14 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Lauren Phillips is having a good time hanging out and chatting with her old friend London River about their weekends. Lauren is looking for a place to get her hair done, and London tells her she knows just the guy. This is how Lauren Phillips unwittingly walks into the parlor of O.T.. She sits down in his chair, asks for a trim, and before you can say "just a little off the end," there is a needle in her neck and she is out cold.

When she wakes up, Lauren has her wrists tied to the floor with rope, and her mouth is stuffed full with a ball gag so that her screams are muffled and drool drips from her mouth. She struggles feebly to escape, but then O.T. comes in to keep her company. He cuts her tight jeggings away with his knife so that her little white panties and her nice, round ass are exposed. He spanks it and punches it. He slaps her face and gropes her tits through her shirt, and all the while she groans and drools, defenseless.

Then O.T. has Lauren tied up, standing, with her hands pulled high above her head making her tits look even fuller and perkier than they usually do. Her friend, London, comes in to feel her breasts, since that's all she's wanted to do since they started hanging out, then leaves her to O.T. again. He binds her breasts tighter, and runs his hands all over her body and even inside her as he kisses her face through her tape gag. Then he takes out a single tailed whip and really makes her wriggle and scream.
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