Young One
Bethany hardtied 2010-05-19 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Bethany is a young, fit bondage slut. PD is the kind of professorial, and perverse, old man that she loves to learn from. He knows a million ways to make a little bitch like her beg for mercy, but out of the kindness of his heart he will only show her a few. She has sensitive feet, so of course those will be a favorite target, but some of the ideas PD has she will never see coming. Things like standing on a bed of broken shells would never even occur to her as a possible torment.

All of that pain makes a masochist like Bethany horny. Bondage and humiliation just push that sexual tension even further. PD gets off on dishing it out, which makes this pairing perfect. The young, tight ones are always the best, anyway. When spreading his cum across her face gives her teary eyes and a moist cunt, fucking her becomes that much better.
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