Screaming Siren
Siren Wolf hardtied 2012-09-03 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Elise Graves has a little extra time for Siren Wolf and we thought it would be hot to show you what happened.

Siren is tied up in a seat with her arms behind her back for a reason. It will keep her legs open and her hands out of the way. Elise plans on violating her and she doesn't want any resistance.

The nipple clamps Elise uses hold tightly to their stations. Even when she begins dangling the heavy, metal locks from them they do not pull free. When she feels a vibrator on her clit she starts to shake quite a bit. The weights are all too happy to shake right along with her.

Elise's cane is no more kind. Instead of the persistent and painful tug on her tits Siren has to deal with a sharp sting where ever it lands. Elise doesn't care about leaving marks. She just wants to hear the screams.
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