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Paige Pierce has the body of a sweet angel, but she's taken it on an alternative ride. Green hair, split tongue, tattoos, and piercings. It's no wonder she's found herself at the mercy of Matt Williams. As the rope goes around her throat she smiles. Each hit of the cane, the flogger, his hands causes her to scream from pain, but the end result is pleasure.

All throughout her ordeal she has some sort of breath impediment. Sometimes its a rock hung from her neck. Other times it's Matt's hands covering her mouth and nose. She struggles to breathe the entire time. While she's receiving pain, while she's being pleasured, and while she's crying.

Paige clearly loves this stuff. She's helpless to stop the orgasms Matt inflicts upon her body. If she could stop them she wouldn't. She's found her happy place.
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