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When he told Yhivi she was getting railed today, she probably thought it meant O.T. was going to whip out his cock and fuck her until her brains melted, but hot as she is, Yhivi is not that lucky. Her whole world is about to be contained between these two metal rails. She is shackled to cold, unyielding iron, and the only relief she will get is whenever O.T. decides he wants to see her in a new position.

Face down and ass up, her pussy and ass are exposed to a brutal flogging and a harsh reaming from a big, black dildo. Flat on her back with her legs spread, Yhivi is trying so hard to stop herself from crying as he pulls her nipples with vicious clamps. And when he finally sits her up, it isn't so she will be more comfortable. Tight rope around her neck limits her breathing while the hitachi on her clit has her gasping for air.

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