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After a long stretch in prison Butch tries his best to adjust to life on the outside, but it's not easy. He has a job, but his new boss is Elise Graves and she is one royal bitch. And to make matters worse Cici Rhodes loves to flirt and tease Butch, flaunting her feminine curves at every opportunity. What does she think she is going to gain by cock-teasing a man who has spent the past twenty years locked away from any female contact?

Butch isn't going to put up with their shit forever.

When Elise has to leave work early Butch is left alone with Cici. The shop that Butch works in conceals all kinds of incredible implements that he has created in his free time. Implements he can use to finally have her make good on all of that teasing and innuendo.

Cici will strip down to her stockings and obey every command he gives if she wants to avoid some nasty punishments.

Elise comes back from her family emergency and finds Cici bound and gagged. Her tits are getting milked and her pussy isbeing shocked. Before Elise has a chance to do anything about

it Butch has her in his clutches as well. Now he is going to use them both as tools to humiliate and debase each other. They thought they were so high and mighty before, but when they are reduced to licking each other's holes on demand suddenly they see Butch in a whole new light.
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