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Samsara has a few extra pounds on her for cushioning so O.T. knows that he can wail on her as hard as he wants without worrying about breaking her. Or at least without breaking her body. Her mind, however, is a bit fragile, and he knows how to get inside of her head. She's sensitive about her looks and he plans on telling her exactly how much of a pig she is.

Samsara is humiliated by the way that O.T. talks down to her and treats her. He calls her every name in the book while he is playing with her body like she is just a piece of meat. After locking her down he brings out a knife and makes her a deal. He won't trim her down to size if she learns to obey him like a good, submissive slave.

The problem is that she isn't one. He wants to hear "thank you" but all she can manage is "please, stop." That isn't going to fly. But when he marks her body like a butcher does a pig she finally understands her place in the world. Suddenly she falls in line and no matter what kind of abuse he slings her way she accepts it and thanks him like a good pig.
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