Siouxsie Q Jack Hammer hardtied 2016-02-24 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Siouxsie Q needs a new car, and her cash is lacking but her assets are on point. If she is going to pay for this new ride then she is going to have to do it with some sweet T&A. She's got that to spare, for sure. Her tits are amazing and that ass of hers could probably get her a Rolls Royce. But she's going to have to work for it.

It's easier than her day job, and the benefits are better, too. All she has to do is sit, look sexy, and suffer like hell and at the end of the day she'll have multiple orgasms and one shiny new car. Siouxsie doesn't have it in her to get her pussy whipped without whimpering, but she does get wet enough to play with her some more.

And that greedy ass of hers won't be neglected either. Jack inserts the ass hook, the one with the giant ball at the end, and as the cold metal violates her she feels wonderfully full. When he secures the other end to her hair he doesn't tell her, but she learns quickly as every move she makes has her fucking herself in the rear.
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