Franken-Pussy Part 3
Daisy Ducati has it coming at her from both ends. Her legs are shackled high up into the air, there's nothing behind her head to keep it from falling back, and that means that her holes are lined up and completely exposed. We've got plenty of cocks to ram inside of her; big, black, rubber ones. They are just the warm up, though. We know from experience that Daisy is a squirter. It just takes the right amount of stimulation to make her blow like a geyser.

So what's the right amount? How about having Elise fist her pussy while Matt hits her with the Hitachi? It works like a charm. In fact, her orgasms are so powerful Elise has to step out of the way or risk getting soaked in her pussy juices. It's the kind of show you have to see more than once, so they blast her pussy to a dozen Category 5 orgasms until she is so worn out she can't even lift her head anymore.

But we never let the girls end on such an easy feat. Daisy's next trick may just be indescribable. Part suspension, part crucifixion; part breath play, part electrical play; this torment has it all. It's no wonder that she has tears running down her face by the time it is over. We can be cruel masters sometimes. Oh, who are we kidding? We're cruel all of the time.
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