Charlotte Sartre can forget about freedom for a while. Too sexy to let go of, this hot piece of ass is going to spend the day riding O.T.'s favorite device, the Tilt-A-Girl. A metal frame that can be locked into place, this device piece of work lets him flip his bitch upside down or send her spinning. Whenever he finds a position he likes he chocks the evil iron item and begins to work her over.

Corporal punishment is probably the fastest way to a girl's heart, if she is a dedicated submissive like Charlotte. Gag her, beat her, and degrade her and you'll hardly have to work at all to get her off. Too much pleasure and pain overwhelm her senses. Charlotte is lost in subspace. Her eyes lose focus, most of her body goes numb. All she can feel is what O.T. wants her to. Bondage, pain, and a profound need to satisfy him.
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