A Good Time Part 2
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We take for granted how important our feet are. Once Riley's feet are wrapped up with vetwrap she can barely walk. OT and London aren't going to let her use that excuse though. They make her walk back and forth between them. She struggles at first to pull the rope along the pipe above her.

Instead of walking we make her dance. With her arms bound behind her and her feet taped up its really hard for her to do much of anything. OT pulls her up more and gives her a bit of incentive. Move or you get shocked! OT and London are merciful though. They attach ropes and help pull Riley along.

After a pee break Riley is put in a strict zip tie hogtie. The sharp plastic bites into her tender skin. She's given some sloppy mess to eat. She has to feed Lydia from her own mouth to share their only meal.
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