Sakura Doll
Nyssa Nevers is going to spend a good portion of her day impaled on a cock. There is a small strap holding her in place, but it is tight enough to keep the dildo in her to the hilt. Even when she starts wriggling away from the whip, the rubber dick inside of her stays in place.

She is upset at being hooded and manhandled, but that is nothing compared to what is coming next. He gags her and lays her down on the ground inside of an iron frame. Cuffs secure her to it and at first it is even comfortable. Then PD props her back up and puts her pussy in prime punishment position.

Her back is arched painfully. Her limbs are spread eagle. The ball gag muffles her moans and screams. The cuffs can slide up and down the frame to reposition her, which makes things even more interesting. We can use them to nearly bend her in two.
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