Tied Up
Harley Ace OT hardtied 2014-06-18 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Harley Ace describes herself as “excited” when it comes to suffering through intense rope bondage for O.T. today. We would describe her as hot as hell. This brunette babe has a beautiful body. Her ass is like a nice, round target. You know we're going to go after that. Her tits are small and perky, with the kind of nipples you just want to clamp down on til she cries. Her pussy is clean shaven, tight, and gets dripping wet whenever there is rope holding her tightly in an uncomfortable position.

Hardtied is about bondage. It's about putting women into tough positions that will have them begging for mercy before we even lay a finger on them, then turning it up to eleven by adding in rough corporal punishment. We start Harley off with her arms pulled up behind her back. OT cuts away her dress and begins to work her over with a whip.

The next position is another level. This time she is bent over with her ass in the air and her head pointed down to the ground. Her arms are pulled so far up that the tension in her shoulders makes her clench her fists. This time it's the canes that come out and play.

She has two more positions to suffer through, still. Each one is a better example of brutal rope bondage than the last. There will be clothes pins, gags, vibrators and dildos. The twin feelings of pain and pleasure will overwhelm her senses. And if she has the strength to stick it out she'll get the reward that she's been looking for, intense orgasms in extreme bondage.
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