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Lyla Storm is such a sweet talker. She knows just how to butter us up. We ask the obvious question, “Why'd you come to us?” Her answer is perfect. “You aren't afraid to do do new, scary things.” We certainly aren't. We have a lot of fun things in store for her. She says it herself, bondage orgasms are just better. We're letting her do a lot of talking now because once we get started she'll be limited to grunts, moans, and screams, all through a gag.

She's flexible, both of body and mind. She instantly falls into subspace and don't put up any real resistance when the hurting starts. We're able to bend her over backward, spread her legs wide, and push her body to the limits with rough bondage, tough positions, and harsh corporal punishment.

There is a lot going on. She said one of the best parts of BDSM was the feeling of having an orgasm through all of the pain and distractions. She will have the chance to try it out. One thing is for certain, though, after everything she goes through today she is going to be gasping for air.
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