A Kind Oral Depredation
Abigail Dupree    
2018-09-30, 29 minutes, 1,491 megabytes, 1920x1080 Ultra4K
Credits to buy this movie: 14.99 credits
Abigail Dupree dramatizes this Adult Role play, such a serious taboo that it Cannot even be named here. So it is refereed to as 'Depredation'. Abigail explains the scenario; I have him cuffed to the bed and I begin to Depredate him with my mouth as he begs for me to stop. He convinced me to take the cuffs off of him but still possible to let me have my way with him still but he ends up turning the tables on me. He then proceeds in cuffing me so he can finish by Depredating my throat deep and long. Submission and Discipline, a Master's Perversion. Another captured representation of sex slaves in use as Human Chattel exerted for another's kink.

tags; Deep throat, Adult Role Play, Oral stuffing, Dildo Sucking, Slobber, Solo Female, Role Reversal, Submissive Male, Dominant Female, Fantasy, Harsh Theatrics, Dramatic Role Play.
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