Predicament Slut
Jacey Jinx    
2018-05-23, 49 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
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Jacey Jinx digs the bondage. It's gotta be strenuous though. She wants to feel challenged. So OT sets up predicaments that will really test her. He ties one arm to her neck and then puts another rope around her neck that goes up to the ring above her. The rope then comes down and OT attaches a rock to it. Jacey has to hold the rock up or she'll choke.

Next OT pulls off Jacey's panties. He notes that they have a particular smell. They smell like she's enjoying herself. He stuffs her mouth with them and tapes it shut. Just by pinching her nose he can make her lightheaded. He ties a rope around her waist and through her crotch up to the ring above her. Then it goes down to her foot. She must hold her foot up or put painful pressure on her tender little cunt.

Jacey isn't a huge fan of being messy. She describes herself as OCD in some ways about dirt. OT blindfolds her with tape and gets a cup of chocolate pudding. He proceeds to cover her entire body with the squishy stuff. He even writes her name on her chest. Though not as physically challenging this might be the most difficult position he's put her in all day.
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