Trial by Fire Part 3
Cici Rhodes realtimebondage 2013-08-17 49.99 credits Buy Movie
This is going to be an exhibition of Cici Rhodes' tears and fears. First comes the crying. With her feet in the stocks, a vibrator working over her worn out clit, clamps pumping electricity through her nipples and a cane cutting across her feet it is complete sensory overload and she is broken in seconds.

Next comes the fright factor. Cici has had some bad experiences with fire before. In fact, the one other time we used it against her it triggered a panic. Now she is ready to give it another shot and overcome that terror. Or at least she thinks she is. As soon as the balls of flame start to emerge she is gripped with fear. As the flashes of blaze start to lick across her skin she recoils against the bars of her cage, trying futilely to put as much distance as she can between herself and the burn.

Compared to that she thinks a simple milking machine will be no problem. What she doesn't know is that the suction works on more than just nipples. It's not so bad when it's just on her tits but when it begins to pull on her pussy she suddenly sees a problem.
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